Cookie Monster - Tangtini Hit the JackpotExciting News. We have a litter of Five puppies born on 12 september 2011, for further details please visit Cookies Litter Pages or her blog

Welcome to Tangtini, hobby breeder of English Cocker Spaniels based in Northampton.

You can navigate the site by clicking on the Menu to the left or by using the hyperlinks at the foot of the page.

There is information about owning and buying a puppy and about our first two dogs Holly (a beautiful black English Cocker Spaniel) and Scooby (A tri colour English Springer Spaniel).

The star of the site is our English Cocker Spaniel Bellini Fizzy Tango at Tangtini (phew what a mouthful !) a lovely orange roan. How did you choose your kennel name?, I hear you cry. Well, if you are sitting comfortably, then I shall begin...

We got Tango from Bellini Cocker Spaniels who chose their kennel name after a Cocktail. They breed cocker spaniels with tails thus the short form is cocktail. This was very unusual when they began breeding as most cockers were mutilated at birth and had their tails chopped off (docked/tail docking), now of course, it is illegal for pet or show dogs to have their tails removed for cosmetic reasons. Following on with this clever word play we thought we would carry on the tradition and came up Tangtini (which is a Vodka and Tang cocktail). Here is the recipe from the Russell Yarn web site for a Tangtini cocktail.

Put one level teaspoon of Tang into a glass, add a splash of club soda, just enough so that not all the Tang is dissolved (side note: this is a GREAT starter chemistry experiment, wait until you see what happens when you put these two together!). Pour into ice-filled shaker, add about twice as much unflavoured vodka as club soda. GENTLY agitate...we don't want an unfortunate club soda incident. Strain into glass, enjoy!

Tango has given us some more stars for the website. They are Tangtini Hit the Jackpot (aka Cookie Monster) a stunning tricolour English Cocker Spaniel bitch and Tangtini Treasure Chest (aka Chester) a gorgeous English Cocker Spaniel blue roan boy. These are the ones we kept from Tango's first litter born on 1st May 2008.

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18 September, 2011