Tango's Litter 2008

Are you dog ready ?

If you are considering adopting a dog & especially a cocker spaniel here are a few things you should think about.

1. How many people in the household want a cocker spaniel ?

2. Cockers love human company, they are not the sort of dog who enjoys being alone often, how will this impact on your life style?

3. What arrangements will you make for your dog if you go on a day long shopping trip? What about holidays? Remember the cost of kennels for a 2 week holiday can be in the region of £200!!

4. Cockers are a long coated breed. They require daily brushing and (preferably) hand stripping. Who will do this? Professional grooming may cost about £35 per time depending where you live. This may be for clipping , not hand stripping which costs more.

5. Are you ready for hairy carpets, clothes, floors etc.?

6. Does anyone in the family have an allergy to dog hair?

7. Who will exercise the dog? Does this person have the time & inclination to do so?

8. Are you prepared for a messy pup?

9. Consider these costs:

Purchase price (expect to pay £700+ for a well reared pup)
Grooming tools
Food/water bowls
Secure crate/harness for car travel
Vet fees (insurance rarely covers the full amount)

This is not intended to put you off but to highlight changes to your life that dog ownership will bring.

Still interested? Then click here to fill in the puppy questionnaire.

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