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BUYING A COCKER SPANIEL: things you should know

Although we read many books before buying our first cocker, with whom we are thrilled, there are many things we wish we had known. Here are some of them:

1. What difference is there between a licensed breeder and an unlicensed breeder?
2. Does this mean they are better breeders?
3. How can I find out?
4. Should my puppy be Kennel Club registered?
5. Should I ask the breeder lots of questions?
6. What should I get with my puppy
7. Other than reading books how can I find out about cocker spaniels?
8. Where can I find out when there are dog shows?
9. Is there anything specific I should know about cockers?
The Tangtini Puppy Package


Q1. What is an licensed/accredited breeder and an unlicensed breeder?

A. The Accredited Breeder Scheme was set up by The Kennel Club with the best of intentions.  However, in our opinion the scheme is very flawed.  Do not be fooled into thinking that because a breeder is Accredited that they are not a puppy farmer. Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous breeders out there and you need to be careful. Make sure that if you are buying a puppy you are sure of exactly who its parents are and that it has been raised properly in a household environment. If a puppy is raised in a shed or kennel do not expect it to live in your home as a family pet.. top

Q2. Does this mean they are better breeders?

A. No not necessarily.   Many good breeders are not members of the Accredited Breeder Scheme but do rear and produce some wonderful show and pet dogs.  To join the Scheme you need to have a certain number of breeding bitches and have a number of litters each year.  Not many good breeders (in our opinion) fit this criterior.   Raising a litter of puppies takes a lot of time, energy and commitment and unless you have a lot of support you could not continually do this to the best advantage of the puppies.  However, having said that some people do manage this and we are not saying they all are bad breeders.  Use your own judgement.  Make sure they are raised in a lively indoor environment, similar to how they would be kept in your own home.  Remember if your pup is raised in a dirty environment that is how they will be happy to live and may be very difficult to toilet train and socialise etc". top

Q3. How can I find out?

A. You could check breed record supplements with the Kennel Club to see how many litters they have registered. top

Q4. Should my puppy be Kennel Club registered?

A. Most reputable breeders will want their pups registered with the Kennel Club rather than an alternative organisation. top

Q5. Should I ask the breeder lots of questions?

A. Yes. Do not be afraid to ask as many questions as possible. A responsible and caring breeder will expect this and be happy to answer. top

Q6. What should I get with my puppy.

A. Please see below for our puppy package. Items marked with * are minimum you should receive. top

Q7. Other than reading books how can I find out about cocker spaniels?

A. You can visit some dog shows to see what you like and to talk to cocker owners/breeders, join Internet based clubs etc. (see our links page). top

Q8. Where can I find out when there are dog shows?

A. Check out www.champdogs.co.uk or the dog press e.g. Dog World or Our Dogs. top

Q9. Is there anything specific I should know about cockers?

A. So many things but you will have read most of them. A few that you may not have read :

If you spay or neuter a cocker the coat is likely to change from the smooth silky adult coat to a more fluffy variety.

It is advisable to buy a pup with eye tested parents.

Puppies will eventually become very fluffy and their coat needs to be hand stripped to preserve a silky adult coat. Cutting the coat may cause it to become curly and, or coarse.

Cockers are a long coated breed so you need to take this into account regarding future expense/time to keep the coat looking good .

Cockers feet need trimming regularly underneath to avoid mats between the pads which can be painful.

Docking of English Cocker Spaniels is banned in the UK.

There is a breed standard for the cocker spaniel and all pedigree dogs which usually appears in books about cockers. Here is a brief summary:

Weight 28-32 lbs (12.7 - 14.5 kg), well boned, fairly square dog as an adult, well feathered but not profuse coat. Colours: various. There are probably more accepted colours in cockers than any other breed. The most popular are: black, red or golden, blue roan, chocolate roan, black and tan, orange roan, tri-colour , black and white, blue roan and tan, lemon roan, solid chocolate. Ideally the solid colours should have no other colour except , perhaps, some white on the chest.

To view some different coloured cockers check out the albums on some Internet groups.

Often the solid colours have a more profuse coat. top


We want our puppies to be a joy to their new owners and to grow up to be the happy, healthy dog you can love for many years. All our pups are reared in the house and live as part of our family. Tangtini pups are usually ready for their new homes at 8 weeks of age and come complete with the following:

  1. Kennel Club registration and 5 generation pedigree.

  2. Free insurance for the first few weeks.

  3. A favourite toy with which they are familiar and a piece of familiar bedding.

  4. Enough food for the first few days.

  5. A diary with pictures of the pup from birth to 8 weeks. If you pre book your pup we will send pictures electronically or by snail mail every few days. We feel this enables you to begin the bonding process really early. You are welcome to visit any time after your pup is 4 weeks old providing you do not have a cold and are prepared to be "disinfected".

  6. Information booklet and diet sheet and a list of foods your puppy has tried.

  7. Vet checked and vaccinated puppy,  pup will need one more vaccination before going out.

  8. Free microchipping of your puupy..

  9. The option of bringing your pup to us when you are on holiday for a reasonable charge.

  10. The promise to re-home your pup should you ever be unable to keep him/her, whatever age

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