Cookie and Pie-d Piper We are very pleased to announce that our sweet little Tangtini Hit The Jackpot aka (Cookie Monster) has been mated to Show Champion Pie-d Piper and is due to go for a scan on 9 August when we will hopefully be able to confirm that our long awaited litter of puppies is on the way. As both parents have tested normal/clear for prcd-PRA and FN all puppies will be hereditary clear and cannot develop either disease.

Watch this space or the blog for further details.

We took Cookie for her scan today (9th August) to see if she is in whelp. I am pleased to say that the scan revealed she has six pups - yippee!

Here are some pictures of the scan showing the pups

Scan of Cookie's Puppies.

Another Scan of Cookie's Puppies

One more scan of Cookie's Puppies

Pups are 1.73cm long.

12 September 2011

We are very pleased to announce the arrival of Cookie’s puppies. She has done really well and delivered six little ones all by herself with very little help.

Sadly, one of the little girls did not make it but we have 5 very healthy little pups. Four girls and one boy. Not sure if they are black and white or blue yet but this will become apparent over the coming days.

The first pup was born just after 12 and the last just after 3pm.

Here is a video of the puppies having a well deserved sleep

Video of Puppies first sleep


13 September 2011

Well we had a good night. Mum is still here at the moment so we shared the nightshift which was really good.

Cookie is being a fantastic Mum and really does not want to leave the puppies at all. She has only been out for two wees since they were born and has been awake and feeding all the time. Will weigh the pups again this morning but sure they must have all gained weight nicely

September 14th, 2011

All pups are growing nicely and our little man is finding it difficult to get a look in at the milk bar.

Cookie is being an amazing mum and sat up feeding for 7 1/2 hours during the night without a break. In the end she fell asleep sitting up, bless her.

September 18th, 2011

Here is a video of the puppies having some dinner.

Dinner Time for Puppies

Octoberr 23rd, 2011

A video catchup for the 23rd, 27th and 29 September and 1st October.

Video of 23 September 2011Video 27th SeptemberVideo 29th September
Video 1st October



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1 October, 2011