Tango's Hall of Fame

Tango was featured in the Haynes Dog Manual by Carolyn Menteith (ISBN 978 84425 3517). You can see her on pages 57 and 58 where we demonstrated how important it is to examine a puppy's ears, eyes, mouth, paws etc.

At another photo shoot she appeared in a video within a DVD for the Company of Animals. They wanted a section of video with some puppies playing in the background. Unfortunately, no sooner than they started to film Tango spotted a paddling pool and that was it, four very soggy little dogs. In the end they had to shoot the film in soft focus and she can be seen tearing across from one side of the screen to the other.

In September 2007 Tango won an award at the Local RSPCA show in Woking for the Prettiest Bitch (which we wholeheartedly agree with). Unfortunately, the picture on the RSPCA site is not very good but take a look anyway.

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2 September, 2011