Puppy Questionnaire

So you are interested in being considered for a puppy.

See if you can run the gauntlet of the questionnaire. I would recommend that you have your favourite beverage to hand to help you wade through this important document.

All fields marked with * are required.


About You

About Your Partner


Phone Number:


Names and Ages of Children in Household

How many hours worked daily?

How many hours a day would the pup be left alone?

What will you do with the pup whilst you are at work/out of the house?

Is anybody in your house allergic to animals? Yes No

Have you any other pets. If so what and how old are they?

Have you ever owned a dog before, if so, what breed and what happened to it?

Who will have main responsibility for your puppy ie toilet training etc.

Where will your puppy spend most of his time?

Where will your puppy sleep?

What training method will you use?

Have you found any local training courses and if so do you plan on attending any?

Will you attend puppy socialisation classes

How much exercise will you give your puppy each day?

What has made you decide on a cocker spaniel puppy?

What colour are you looking for?

If your choice is unavailable would you consider another colour? Yes No

Are you looking for a dog or a bitch? Dog Bitch

Why have you decided on this sex of dog?

Would you consider the opposite sex if your first choice is not available? Yes No

Will you neuter your dog. Yes No

Would you be planning on visiting your puppy before picking it up? Yes No

How long do you plan to spend grooming your puppy per week?

What preparations have you made/or will consider making before your puppy arrives at your home?

Do you plan to insure your puppy. Yes No

Do you have a Vet? Yes No

What is your Vet's contact details?

Are you aware that your puppy is a lifelong commitment and that you should not consider buying a puppy unless you are prepared to commit to that puppy for anything up to about 17 years!!!!!!!!
Yes No

Please do not complete this questionnaire unless you are really prepared to 100% commit to a puppy and a dog, they do not stay cute and small for very long.

Phew! That's it now - press submit and make yourself another drink.

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2 September, 2011