Tango,English Cocker Spaniel

Also known as Bellini Fizzy Tango at Tangtini, is our little baby who will hopefully soon be Mum-to-be. She is Kennel Club registered and her parentage can be seen here.

As you can see she is partial to some Pimm's during the summer - it is especially useful for keeping her feet cool!!!

Tango is our very first Tangtini baby and hopefully our first Tangtini litter from Tango will be due around the beginning of May 2008 (fingers crossed). Tango has been mated - check her progress here.

She has recently been attending Agility training and seems to be doing quite well. Better in fact than Berni who needs to remember Tango's left and right changes depending on whether Tango is going away or coming towards her. In fact, she came third in the beginners agility competition at Dr Roger Mugfords Training School just before Christmas after only five lessons.

If you are interested in a puppy please take a look at our puppy pages and complete our puppy questionnaire. You can get full updates on Tango's mating, pregnancy and puppies on our blog.

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2 September, 2011